Taping Mudding Drywall


Taping Mudding Drywall

Taping And Mudding Your Drywall

If you are going through the process of building a wall, you are likely aware by now that drywall is pretty much a necessity to accomplish this task. But taping mudding drywall can be quite a process that is a little bit intimidating for most people. Hanging drywall is just the first step to accomplishing the arduous task of finishing a wall. There is so much more to it than that, though.

Once the drywall has been hung and installed, the next step for taping mudding drywall is to make sure that all the screws are flush with the drywall. If you come across any screws that stand up too tall, then you should probably drill them in a bit deeper. When you've done that, use a spackle knife to apply joint compound to each of the joints. Remember, that the joint is where the two separate sheets of drywall meet, in other words a "seam."

After you have applied joint compound down all the joints, you then need to begin taping. There are definitely going to be several steps to follow during the taping mudding drywall process. So apply a length of drywall tape down the length of the joints. When that has been accomplished, take your knife again and apply more joint compound down the length of the joint again, over the tape. It helps to wet  your knife before applying the joint compound to make the process a little bit easier.

Wait at least 24 hours for the joint compound to completely dry. Then, apply a last coat of joint compound again down the length of the joint. Allow that to dry for at least another 24 hours. Then the taping mudding drywall process should be just about complete. After that, the fun part comes in and you get to sand and texture and finally finish the wall. Though the process can seem awfully repetitive, for many people it can be an enjoyable one. It is important to find at least a level of enjoyment in the work you are doing. When all is finished you can look on you work with pride and know you have done a good job.

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