Drywall Texture Finishes

Drywall Texture Finishes You Can Do Yourself

When it comes to decorating your home, the way you decorate your drywall can add personality to any room.  This is done through the use of various textures and finishes done on drywall using liquefied joint compound and mudding techniques.  What this means to you, the homeowner, is that the sky is the limit when choosing the drywall texture finishes for the rooms in your home.  You are only limited by your own imagination.  Color combinations can also be added to any drywall texture to further enhance the atmosphere you choose to provide in any given room.

You can create a dramatic look in any room by using various techniques, materials and tools on your drywall.  There are two ways to texture drywall:  1) By mudding the drywall with whatever texture or lift you want before you paint or 2) By adding texture materials like graphite, sand or foam beads to paint before you paint the walls.  The best way to get the textured look you want is to do it the first way unless you simply want a faux finish like suede, then you should use the number 2 method. 

The most common drywall texture finishes include the following:

  • Orange peel - This resembles an orange peel texture and is usually a fine spray of mud compound.
  • Knockdown - The knockdown texture is achieved by spraying either a thick or thin layer of mud onto drywall and using a trowel to knock down the mud prior to drying.  This can create a few different patterns depending on the thickness of the mud.
  • Mud Swirl - You have most likely seen this on a ceiling somewhere and it looks like lightly textured swirls.  This is an elegant look.
  • Cottage Cheese - The cottage cheese texture is also known as popcorn texture and it resembles the look of cottage cheese. 

Once you have selected the texture you want for your ceilings and walls, you must now choose the appropriate tools.  Home Depot and Lowes both provide the tools and materials you will need to completely texture your ceilings and walls.  You will most likely also find ideas for drywall texture finishes there as well.  Adding texture to drywall is a cost effective way to add a creative twist to your walls and ceilings.  Some other things to consider when you are adding textures to your drywall are taping methods and materials, bead patterns for room corners, cost and tools you will need to complete the task.


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