Chinese Drywall Report

Chinese Drywall Report

Worried About Chinese Drywall?

If you have heard even a single chinese drywall report, that is enough to scare just about anybody. It has been about a year since there were many reports of nose bleeds and vomiting that was said to be caused from dangerous defects and compounds in certain chinese drywall. It was also said to corrode metals and wiring behind the walls. There have been lawsuits and investigations that are still going on today.

One of the common factors in all the homes in which complaints were coming from, was water damage. Whether the damage was caused by humidity or another factor, the water damage seemed to definitely affect the drywall. According to one chinese drywall report, a woman's dog was even vomiting as well as herself and her children. There have been investigations and studies into the problems that are seemingly caused by chinese drywall, so it should add a degree comfort to know that steps have and are continuing to be taken in order to solve and prevent the problems.

Air quality as well has been included in many a chinese drywall report. It has been said that the higher the humidity in a home or room, say a bathroom for instance, the quality of the air decreases. It could be because when the humidity rises, hydrogen sulfide is produced and emitted into the air. This can cause a series of problems, including causing things to tarnish and rust more quickly than usual. There is currently a lawsuit pending against Taishan, a chinese drywall company. You will read over and over again in just about every chinese drywall report that it is dangerous and should not be used in you home. You should consider these warnings. Chinese drywall is composed of certain compounds that are said to be severely dangerous when someone is exposed to them for a long period of time.

I suggest you take some time and read a chinese drywall report to get informed on the subject for yourself. It has the potential to damage electrical wiring and even cause electrical fires. So if you are wondering what drywalll to buy, be sure that you take some time to study on which is the highest quality as well as being safe for your home and your family.

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